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Surrey County Council have strict rules about disposal of rubbish at their Shepperton Community Recycling Centre. If you drive a van, pick-up or pull a trailer you will need an electronic permit to access the site while also bringing identification of being a Surrey resident. In many cases we can give you advice on the best way to dispose of items before your move and probably save you money.


sunbury on thames coat of arms.

The Coat of Arms of the Sunbury-on-Thames Urban District Council

The shepherd’s crooks refer to the name Shepperton and the wavy bars to the Thames. The abbot’s mitre alludes to the Abbot of Westminster, who held Shepperton and Sunbury. The rising sun refers to the district’s name and the seaxe is from the arms of the Middlesex County Council, in whose area the district was originally situated. The motto, aptly recalls the place name derivations.

You can find out more about the history of Sunbury-on-Thames on Wikipedia and also at the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society.